Our Story

Our previous company had grown to around 50 people and things were going well but our colleagues were requesting work from the engineers via email, in-person and worst of all, over Slack. The amount of requests for data, bug fixes and feature requests had gotten out of control!

So, we just like many other companies we tried to address this by implementing Jira, company-wide.

But now we had a different set of problems, our colleagues didn’t know who to assign work to or which project their request belonged in.

The requests from other departments were always seen as lower priority than new features or bug fixes to the product and on top of all this, the workload of our PMs had increased dramatically!

So we set out to fix our own problem and realised, in the process, that other companies may benefit from it too, and so, TinyTracker was born.

About Us

We’re a small distributed team hailing from England and Australia. We’ve all previously worked for big(ish) tech companies and experienced the problems that TinyTracker sets out to solve.

We’re privately owned and do not have any outside investors. This means we can stay small and keep the product simple. We don’t have the same pressures that funded companies have to scale and go after other markets.

We care about our customers and we’re in it for the long run!

We work on TinyTracker because we passionate about productivity and simplicity and we want to help people build great products.

Say Hello

We love hearing from you; if you’re currently a customer or just thinking about becoming one, you can drop us an email at team@tinytracker.co and we’ll get back to you right away.

If you’re a customer and you need some help, you can send us an email at support@tinytracker.co and we’ll figure it out together!

We love sharing what we’ve learnt and what we’re still trying to figure out, when it comes to running an open and transparent company. You can keep up to date with what we’re thinking by reading our company blog or by following us on Twitter at @tinytrackerco.

So, if you need anything give us a shout or just come and say hello :)